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AMA Gütesiegel is a Food certificate.
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Certificate details

AMA Gütesiegel
AMA Gütesiegel
Officially certifies food products in Austria, mainly fresh products.
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BrandWiki's opinion:

limited trustworthy and sustainable Greenpeace AT 2018
Although standards for AMA are high and higher than legal regulations, for Greenpeace there are still factors to consider that put the label's trustworthiness down:

  • Genetically modified feed is permitted and also used often for pig and cattle fattening (except products with the "GM-free" symbol).
  • Usage of antibiotics is allowed, also treatment via food and water (the main problem is in pig farms).
  • Animal welfare standards rarely exceed basic legal standards.
  • Usage of pesticides is recorded, but does not exceed legal requirements.
  • Origin of raw material is limited to Austria, while Greenpeace sets higher standards for genuine regional products.

Greenpeace sees especially certified pig meat as critical.

There are many voluntary label modules (GM-free and similar) that one should have a lookout for.

AMA Gütesiegel is one of the most well known certificates in Austria. Certification criteria are more strict than legal requirements and include all production phases, regular inspections on farms and independent, accredited audit bodies are an obvious must. The guidelines for each phase are approved by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism in Austria, hence, this certificate is one of the few legally approved ones.

Criteria include these fields:

  • production
  • hygiene
  • labelling
  • documentation

and happens in three areas:

  • transparent origin of materials
  • excellent quality
  • independent inspections and controls

Certified product groups include mainly:

  • milk & dairy products
  • meat & meat products
  • fruits, vegetables
  • eggs

Also, some other products, like cooking oil, frozen vegetables, bread and pastries, fruit juices and beer are certified.

AMA Gütesiegel can be certified via agroVet GmbH in Austria.