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Brand details

Zotter is an Austrian brand for manufactured chocolate products. ZotterLOGOneu ENG.png
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Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur zotter.at
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Appears in Austria
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Certificates: Eco-Management und Audit Scheme (EMAS), EU Organic Faming
  Key words: Organic, Fair Trade
Brand values: Variety, Quality, Creativity, Sustainability, Innovation about, philosophy

Brand aspects

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Company Details/Facts & figures Website information
The company is in the hands of the family and Josef Zotter, his daughter Julia and the family are very present on the website. Zotter offers a great variety of ~400 chocolates and introduces 30–70 new products a year.

Andreas H. Gratze designs the chocolate bar's packaging/wrapper.

Zotter produces the chocolate itself, in the "bean-to-bar" called manufactory in Riegersburg, Austria.

Zotter is memeber of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and Zotter tries to "focus on 100% fair trade and physical traceability and transparency of all our raw materials".


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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Website information
Cocoa comes from Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Brazil, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Togo and Congo.

We buy our cocoa directly from our farmers, pay way above the world market price and support them continuously, so they stick with quality and fine flavour cocoa varieties like Criollo, Trinitario, Nacional and Nativo and are therefore no longer dependent on the world market, which trades chiefly in bulk cocoa.
Source: zotter.com

Zotter believes in interpersonal relationships and often travels to the cocoa farmers and invites them to the manufactory.

Zotter is very transparent with the production chain, in the "Chocolate Theatre" the production process can be seen by visitors.

Zotter counts among the most sustainable businesses in Austria and has received an Eco-Management und Audit Scheme (EMAS) certificate (environment). Zotter uses renewable energy (solar power), electric vehicles and employees eat an organic menu for lunch, with ingredients from the "Edible Zoo" and the organic farm, both located close to the manufactory and open to the public.

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