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Über das Zertifikat

Ecocert ist ein Cosmetics-Zertifikat.   neues Zertifikat

Vorlage:LabelCheckGreenpeaceAT2018 The french certification body has been established in 1991 by agronomists. ECOCERT' main focus lies on in-field inspection with following certification of compliance to the standards. Standards are based on technical criteria.

Ecocert is an independent and accredited certification body. As such, Ecocert developed and introduced the "Ecocert ecological and organic cosmetics" specification. Ecocert inspects products on the basis of this specification, and issues organic certification. The products in question must bear the wording "Ecocert-certified". This is the only labelling guaranteeing organic certification for the consumer. The product can consequently be marketed being described as "organic".
Quelle: FAQ: What is the difference between Ecocert and Cosmébio?

ECOCERT's standards and specifications include (source):

  • Natural and organic cosmetics
  • Natural cleaning products
  • Natural and organic home perfumes
  • Being − Organic & environmentally friendly Spa
  • EFT (Ecocert Fair Trade) – Organic and fair trade products
  • Eve® (Ecological green spaces)
  • Inputs eligible for use in organic farming (fertilisers, phytosanitary products, etc)
  • Environmentally friendly production of aquatic plants and their processing (Spirulina, food supplements)

Ecocert differentiates between natural and organic cosmetics (source):

  1. To be labelled as natural, a product has to consist of 50 % plant material, a minimum of 5 % of all raw material has to come from organic farming.
  2. To be labelled as organic, a product has to consist of 95 % natural material and 10 % from organic farming.

A lot of ingredients, like silicones and synthetic ingredients, are not allowed.

The criteria defining an organic agricultural product are as follows:

  • Organic agricultural products: grown avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers or synthetic products, in ground fertilised with organic fertilisers and natural minerals favourable to life within the soil, application of the precautionary principle.
  • Animals: predominantly fed on organic feed, non-intensive husbandry, reared with access to the open air, maximum living space.
  • Processed products: made from controlled organically-sourced farm ingredients and eventually from non-agricultural ingredients as authorised by European regulations or NOP.

Quelle: FAQ: What is certification?

Achtung: "Ecocert" has both been seen written in capitals and lowercase letters, the distinction is yet unclear.