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More about BrandWiki

Ever wondered how old that brand is on your vintage shoes or who stands behind your favourite mascara? The BrandWiki seeks to find out and give you those insights.

The BrandWiki is curated (as opposed to open for everything or automated) and independent from companies or any brands.

At the moment, we focus on fashion, food, and cosmetics – for this century, probably.

BrandWiki's vision and mission

BrandWiki's vision
A world, where companies know of their impact on society and nature and see sustainability as an honour and necessity for their forthcoming. A world, where consumers have a real impact on production companies by their choice of consumption.
BrandWiki wants to be the first resource of all brands in this world, the best database for information around certain brands. – While this is the dream, we start with becoming a good resource for brands appearing in Austria, the founding team's home base.
BrandWiki's mission
BrandWiki wants to improve educated consumption: It wants to help consumers understand the story and background behind a brand, so to simplify the evaluation of trustworthiness of a certain brand and influence purchase decisions in a good way – through educated opinion. Transparency of the company and sustainable production of the brand's products play a crucial role.

What does "BrandWiki" mean?

We want to show our love for brands for conscious consumption on a platform that is transparent (all changes are visible) and open for collaboration, hence, the wiki. Read more about why we don't use Wikipedia.

Contributing to BrandWiki

You want to help build BrandWiki? That's fantastic. We've written down everything worth knowing in the BrandWiki Editing Guidelines.

You can only read, or you participate and help adding content with the help of convenient forms.

Get in contact

In case you need to reach out to us, find details on the contact page.