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In Kürze: Contributing is easy.

You want to contribute to BrandWiki? Superb! Here are your options.

How to contribute

You can help expanding the knowledge about brands by adding and updating brands you come across in your country or abroad. Try it, research and rating is fun! Everything you will need to know about contributing can be found in the short BrandWiki Editierrichtlinien. Currently, there are 43 brands, 26 certificates, 48 organisations, 102 content articles, and 516 pages in total in this wiki (see all statistics).


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Other options to contribute

Donate a typeface.
We are using free typefaces for now (Rubik for body and Le Murmure for the logo), but we we would love to use something more unique. Poppins has been chosen as a body text, since it is awesome in distinguishing letters and symbols in editing mode. To work with a typeface that's easy on the eyes is important to avoid errors when working in wikitext. Are you a type designer and would like to help out? Pleeeease get in touch.
Send pictures.
Found trousers you love but don't recognize the brand? Let's do some research together.
Follow us on Social Media.
See Contact for the links.
Add a new brand.
Ready for the real stuff? Then register a user name and hit the button to add a new brand. Check out the BrandWiki Editierrichtlinien before.