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Organic (EU) is a Food certificate. What is a certificate? Read about in the BrandWiki Guidelines. see all add new

Certificate details

Organic (EU)
EU Organic Farming
The official EU regulation for organic farming.
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Logo Source
Issuer: European Commission certificate website

Certified brands: Zotter
BrandWiki's opinion:

trustworthy and sustainable Greenpeace Label Check AT 2018

The label defines minimum standards, but many other organic labels go beyond those standards (AMA Biosiegel, Bio Austria, Prüf Nach!). It is therefore trustworthy for organic products, but not the best organic label.

Since 2009 (or 2010), the certificate is issued via accredited national institutions. The EU monitors the compliance of the member states. Each certification body is inspected annually.

Minimum standards for organic products are defined, among them free outlet for live stock, strictly regulated use of antibiotics, prohibited use of chemical-synthetic pesticides and Fertilizers, the use of food additives, or genetically modified ingredients.

In Austria, the label can be certified via agroVet GmbH.

Text specifications

According to the user manual resp. the legal source, the code accompanying the logo is defined as follows:

(code number of the certification site)
  • AB = ISO country code as specified in Article 58(1)(a) according to ISO 3166
  • CDE = three letter term for the organic production method as specified in Article 58(1)(b), such as "öko", "org", "eko", "bio" etc. (defined in Article 23(1) of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007, see below the full list of terms)
  • 999 = reference number with max. 3 digits, as specified in Article 58(1)(c)

The full list of terms (Annex of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007):

  • BG: биологичен
  • ES: ecológico, biológico
  • CS: ekologické, biologické
  • DA: økologisk
  • DE: ökologisch, biologisch
  • ET: mahe, ökoloogiline
  • EL: βιολογικό
  • EN: organic
  • FR: biologique
  • GA: orgánach
  • HR: ekološki
  • IT: biologico
  • LV: bioloģisks, ekoloģisks
  • LT: ekologiškas
  • LU: biologesch
  • HU: ökológiai
  • MT: organiku
  • NL: biologisch
  • PL: ekologiczne
  • PT: biológico
  • RO: ecologic
  • SK: ekologické, biologické
  • SL: ekološki
  • FI: luonnonmukainen
  • SV: ekologisk