AMA Biosiegel

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AMA Biosiegel is a Food certificate. What is a certificate? Read about in the BrandWiki Guidelines. see all add new

Certificate details

AMA Biosiegel
AMA Biosiegel
[[CertDescription::Certifies organic Austrian products with higher than EU standards: 100% organic ingredients.]]
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Issuer: AMA Marketing certificate website

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BrandWiki's opinion:

VERY trustworthy and sustainable Greenpeace Label Check AT 2018

The only negative point Greenpeace finds is that the origin of raw material is only country-wise: the federal state or production farm is not declared (unlike e.g. Prüf Nach!).

AMA Biosiegel guarantees 100% organic ingredients and guarantees higher standards than the legal regulations.

Its main criteria:

  • Agricultural products 100% organic (a bit over EU organic standards)
  • high organic quality
  • good production process
  • naturalness
  • traceable origin – and according labels on packaging
  • no chlorine-containing packaging
  • independent inspections
  • no palm oil allowed

The quality seal comes in two color combinations:

  1. Red and White (in the country's colors): for products originating in Austria
  2. Black (and White): for products from other countries