AgroVet Ei (HG)

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AgroVet Ei (HG) is a Food certificate. What is a certificate? Read about in the BrandWiki Guidelines. see all add new

Certificate details

AgroVet Ei (HG)
agroVet Ei (HG)
Certification standard for eggs, which are cage-free and free range. Only for non-organic production, since organic production includes these demands already.
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Issuer: agroVet GmbH certificate website

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BrandWiki's opinion:

trustworthy and sustainable Greenpeace Label Check AT 2018
The label also certifies the usage of free range/cage-free eggs in processed products. Also, the country of origin is declared. agroVet is a reliable partner for inspections.

However, the labels are hard to distinguish and other factors like GM-free are here not considered.

agroVet GmbH has developed the standard for eggs, which guarantees cage-free and free range egg production. Also, agroVet certifies processed eggs in other products, which closes a gap.