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Berglandmilch eGen
Berglandmilch eGen
Berglandmilch is a registered cooperative (eingetragene Genossenschaft, eGen) with its headquarters in Wels, Austria and 11 production sites.

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Berglandmilch has sites in Aschbach, Feldkirchen, Garsten, Geinberg, Klagenfurt, Rohrbach, Stainz, Voitsberg, Wels, Wörgl, and Alpi Ried, where together approx. 1,500 people are employed, approx. 11,000 milk suppliers are delivering 1,200 mio. kg of milk per year. This produces approx. 910 mio. Euros of turnover per year (Source: Facts, figures of 2017).

Bergland used to be 27 different production sites in Upper and Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia and Burgenland. Big changes happened in 1996, when the Berglandmilch group took over the activities of AMF (Austrian Milk and Meat) including their brands. Following were tight restructuring programs, 20 production sites were closed or merged. Between 2009 and 2011, 3 more organisations joined Berglandmilch (Landfrisch, Tirol Milch, Stainzer Milch). Berglandmilch today has 7+ brands and around 350 different fresh products. (Source: History)

Berglandmilch's brands:

The brand Schärdinger

Berglandmilch was founded in Schärding in Upper Austria back in 1900 by innovative farmers who grouped together their dairy production, with 15 cooperative dairies 10 years later and 34 members in 1937. Renamed to "Schärdinger OÖ Molkereiverband" (the Schärding Upper Austrian Dairy Association) in 1952, the group continued its growth, investments and expansion/export activities. In 1980, Schärdinger crossed the 4.3 billion Schillings (old Austrian currency) turnover mark. The oldest marketing cooperative, the "Schärdinger OÖ. Molkereiverband reg.Gen.m.b.H." (Schärdinger Dairy Association Limited) became part of the AMF (Austria Milk and Meat Marketing Co-operation Limited) in 1990. In 1995, Berglandmilch was newly founded and took over all activities of AMF. (Source: History)

Milk prices
Milk prices are a very significant factor for the farmers in Austria as their source of income.
Berglandmilch's farmers use 100% GMO-free animal feed.
The cooperative ensures the organisation belongs in the hands of the individual farmers. See Berglandmilch's shares.