Citizens of Humanity

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Citizens of Humanity ist eine Mode-Marke aus (der/den) . Sie existiert seit 2003.
Citizens of Humanity, LLC ist das dahinter stehende Unternehmen.
Citizens of Humanity ist eine 2003 gegründete Denim-Marke für Männer und Frauen aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien.
Erhältlich in USA (United States of America), Österreich, Vereinigtes Königreich (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Schlagwörter: Denim, Jeans

Thema: Markendetails Quelle:
Citizens of Humanity is producing high-quality denim with "an elevated style that exudes a sophisticated ease". Their promise is to care for the detail, to ensure their designers are on top of fashion news, that the product has the upmost "look, fit, and feel".

Thema: Produktionsdetails Quelle:
The production chain is partly company-owned and partly realised with production partners. Sewing and laundry facilities are in Los Angeles and Turkey plus some production partners. Part of the team is introduced from California, Mexico and Guatemala (Guatemala).

Thema: Produktionsdetails Quelle:
Citizens of Humanity tries to lower their water consumption in every step of the production process, while also reducing their global footprint by technologies like laser, "own ozone process" and "high-efficiency washers".

Citizens of Humanity is selling to the US and UK on their website.