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Über das Zertifikat

ICADA ist ein Cosmetics-Zertifikat.   neues Zertifikat
"ICADA, the international association for cosmetic products, cosmetic devices and dietary supplements." a registered association from Düsseldorf, Germany.
Aussteller: ICADA eV, international cosmetic and device association eV Deutschland (Deutschland)
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Vorlage:LabelCheckGreenpeaceAT2018 ICADA standardises organic and natural cosmetics and represents preferably small & medium enterprises (SME) in Europe.

ICADA offers a premium label for organic and natural cosmetics, which is not only particularly strict and reliable thanks to the double control system, it permits relatively few non-natural additives (short positive list of 120 derivatives) to be close to mother nature.
Quelle: Source: icada.global

ICADA also lists as its benefits:

  • relatively small costs (important for smaller companies) for the premium label
  • small effort conditions for the natural cosmetic SME.

ICADA is also working to improve the validations of CodeCheck, e.g. clear definitions and correct security rating.

Achtung: There could not yet be found any further information about the certification on the website. ICADA has been contacted.


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