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NATRUE is a Cosmetics certificate. What is a certificate? Read about in the BrandWiki Guidelines. see all add new

Certificate details

True Friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics
Goal is international promotion and protection of natural and organic cosmetics.
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Issuer: NATRUE certificate website

Certified brands: BEN & ANNA, Lavera Naturkosmetik
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NATRUE's mission is to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefit of consumers worldwide.
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NATRUE is a Brussels based international non-profit association committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide. Founded in 2007, we provide a home to all true friends of Natural and Organic Cosmetics and embrace all who commit to our high standards of quality and integrity.
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The list of over 100 certified products can be found in the brands directory.

The certification process is taken over by individual certification institutions, which are accredited by a partner of NATRUE, namely IOAS. IOAS certifies those institutions every 4 years. The most recent list of approved certifiers can be found in the annual report of 2016.

The certification process happens in two phases:

  1. a formula and ingredients audit
  2. an on-site production inspection.

Re-certification: Every two years.

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Certificate profile

  • International association for NOC (Natural and Organic cosmetics)
  • Founded in 2007 by the leading German NOC companies
  • Launched one the strictest standard for NOC worldwide
  • Non-profit association

(Source: Lavera FAQ)

General criteria

  • natural and organic ingredients
  • soft manufacturing processes
  • environmentally friendly practices
  • no synthetic fragrances and colours
  • no petroleum derived & no silicone oils and derivatives
  • no genetically modified ingredients
  • no irradiation of end product and botanical
  • products may not be tested on animals

(Source: Lavera FAQ)


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