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Brand details

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  Key words: Underwear, Swimwear
Brand values: '
Brand colors: #009867 #

Brand aspects

Topic: Company Details/Facts & figures Source: Website
Palmers was founded in 1914 and is one of Austrias leading underwear company, with over 200 shops countrywide, half of them is led by Franchise.
  • Locations worldwide: 300
  • Locations in Austria: 205, 122 own and 83 Franchise/Wholesale
  • Lcoations international: Germany (23+22), Croatia (15), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estland, Greece, Italia, Kenia, Liechtenstein, Moldavia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkmenistan, Hungary, Cyprus.

Employees: 722, thereof 549 in Austria, 144 in Germany, 29 in Croatia.