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Details zur Marke

Red Bull ist eine Lebensmittel-Marke aus Österreich. Sie existiert seit 1987/04/01.
"Red Bull gives you wings! (Red Bull verleiht Flügel!)"

Wurde gesehen in Österreich
Tags: Sports, Drink, Energy drink, caffeine
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ist die Organisation hinter Red Bull aus .

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Aspekte zur Marke

Thema: Company Details/Facts & figures Quelle:
Mateschitz has worked 3 years on the formular for the product, the brand, the can and marketing, before launching it on the 1 April 1987.

Thema: Brand details Quelle:
Red Bull takes brand policy very serious and offers information around their brand policy at, resp. under brand protection, where they encourage users to report fraud and scam.

Thema: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Quelle:
Red Bull uses mainly tin cans for its drinks and works towards correct handling of packaging materials as well as reduction of carbon emissions during production.

The aluminium of the can can be completely recycled, the recycling (by melting) can save up to 95% of energy compared to new production. The low weight of the material counts positively towards energy and CO2 emissions during transport.

Transport distances are minimized by "wall-to-wall production", where beverages and cans are produced and filled in one production site. The transport is then done by train and ship to the world. Truck transport is avoided like this.

The refrigerators in use are ECO friendly, to save up to 45 % on energy.


Thema: Production details Quelle:
Two production sites, one in Schweiz (Schweiz/Suisse), one in Österreich.

Their website is rather hard to navigate, a lot of links end up showing a different URL while only showing the same empty content.