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Brand details

Verival is a Food brand.       see all add new
"Fiducia et Gustus"

From Tyrol in Austria, producing breakfast cereal, muesli, porridge, granola and similar food.
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Vita+ Naturprodukte GmbH
Appears in Austria
BrandWiki's comment:
Certificates: Austria Bio Garantie
  Key words: vegan, palm-oil free, no added sugar, GM-free, IFS certified, gluten free, lactose free
Brand values: organic, plurality, mountains Website, Frühstück
Brand colors: # #

Brand aspects

Topic Company Details/Facts & figures
The brand name Verival is a combination of Veritas (truth) and Valitudo (well-being).
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Topic Production details
Die International Featured Standards (IFS) Food certification
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about us