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Brand details

Almdudler is a Food brand.       see all add new
Almdudler is a brand from Austria producing drinks and lemonades based on herbs from the Alps since 1957. The original Almdudler tastes like a herb lemonade. Almdudler Logo.png
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Almdudler Limonade A. & S. Klein GmbH & Co KG
Appears in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Czech Republic, South Korea, United A. Emirates
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Certificates: V-Label
  Key words: lemonade, herbs
Brand values: sustainable, social (only in German version)
Brand colors: #e13c32 #

Brand aspects

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Unmistakable, refreshing taste of natural alpine herbs, since 1957. Austria’s national drink, known and loved across Europe and beyond
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Almdudler is made from collected, dried alpine herbs and fresh spring water, beet sugar and citric acid, before filled into its iconic bottles. It can taste after lemon balm, sage, gentian, elderflower and coneflower and the exact recipe is, of course, a secret.
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Almdudler proudly tells its history that circles around a true love story, when Almdudler with its 32 herbal ingredients became the wedding present from Erwin Klein to his bride Ingrid.

The bottle of Almdudler is still kept original, with the "Trachtenpärchen", the couple in traditional clothes, Marianne and Jakob dancing away, but has slightly been modernized.

The Almdudler House that has been designed around 2007 is located in the classy 19th district of Vienna in Grinzinger Allee 16, close to Viennese vineyards. It has been built according to Green Building standards, hosts an alp on its roof and accommodates two bee colonies there.

Of course, the alps are especially important for Almdudler, there is an ongoing partnership with the Austrian Alpine Association, which has a good reputation in Austria.

On the social side, Almdudler supports help networks like Tralalobe, Caritas and Die Boje.

One original claim was Wenn di kan Almdudler ham, geh i wieder ham. (rhymed Austrian dialect for roughly: When they don't have Almdudler, I'm going back home.)


Links & further reading

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  • Martina E. Maurer: Almdudler. Nur eine Limonade? Die Marke, Band 5. Wien: WWG Österreichische Werbewissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (Ed.), 2000.