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V-Label is a Food certificate. What is a certificate? Read about in the BrandWiki Guidelines. see all add new

Certificate details

International sign for vegan and vegetarian products and services, since 1996. Distinguishes two labels, 1 for vegan, 1 for vegetarian products.
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Issuer: V-Label GmbH certificate website

Certified brands: Almdudler, Vegavita
BrandWiki's opinion:

trustworthy and sustainable Greenpeace Label Check AT 2018

Negative points were that the label for vegan and vegetarian products are easy to be mixed up, and that the label doesn't tell anything about organic or further criteria. Apart from that, clear and transparent criteria and regular external audits.

Licensed in Switzerland.

The issuer in Austria is the Vegan Society Austria (Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich), controlled by agroVet GmbH.

Apart from the distinction between vegetarian and vegan products, the label is not granted to products containing eggs from caged hens or declared as containing GMO. (Source: FAQ)

Excluded is the assessment of the packaging.

Companies pay a one-time inspection fee and a yearly licensing fee, the licensing process takes about 2–8 weeks (Source: FAQ)