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Brand details

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Certificates: FONAP, RSPO
  Key words: Skincare
Brand values: Care, Trust, Quality, Simplicity, Courage

Brand colors: #232e7f #

Brand aspects

Topic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
[[BrandAspectDescription::NIVEA does not use palm oil or processed material for its production. However, it uses emulsifiers and tensides, which are based on plant material like coconut oil, rapeseed oil or palm oil or palm kernel oil.

Hence, NIVEA is not palm oil free.

NIVEA engages in RSPO and FONAP, both organizations that aim to improve palm oil production.

NIVEA also works on producing without animal testing. However, it does not use the label "free of animal testing". NIVEA e.g. also produces in China, where certain animal testing is compulsory. It justifies this by stating that it is working together with the European Commission to improve production conditions (without animal testing) in China.]]

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NIVEA has many Facebook pages, mostly for certain countries, e.g. /niveaoesterreich for Austria.