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Details zur Marke

Manner ist eine Lebensmittel-Marke aus Österreich.
"Manner mag man eben!"

Manner is an Austrian brand for sweet wafers, the Neapolitan wafers or "Manner Wafferl".
Wurde gesehen in Österreich, Deutschland (Deutschland)
Tags: Sweets, Wafers

ist die Organisation hinter Manner aus .

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Aspekte zur Marke

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Manner was founded in 1890 by Josef Manner, who wanted "chocolate for all". Manner had a little shop at Vienna's Stephansplatz, but since he was not satisfied with the quality of the chocolate, he began producing himself.

Thema: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Quelle:
Manner states that its employees are highly qualified and that social responsibility tries to be ensured by ensuring jobs for the future, in the big "Manner family". Working at Manner means motivated team, commitment, discipline, team work, training.

Manner claims that it cannot miss out on palm oil for the production of its products. It strives to use certified sustainable palm oil from European producers. Manner is RSPO certified member since 2011.


Thema: Production details Quelle:
Manner is UTZ certified since 2012. Not yet all cocoa used is sustainable:

Until 2020, it is planned to cover the total demand of cocoa beans for the products of Manner with sustainable cocoa.

This goal has been reached in January 2020.


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